Saturday, July 27, 2013

lush & green

So much green around us here. And so many lush and pretty gardens. Both the wild and overgrown ones and the more tamed and cultivated ones. The Swedes are really dedicated into gardening, it seems. Our own garden around the house here is huge, wild and untamed, just as it should be, with many secret places for the kids to discover and play.

Three first photos are all from Sevedstorp, also known as Astrid Lindgren's Bullerbyn. A cosy place to visit with the kids.
Last photo: this little girl was happily reunited with her beloved pillow that was lost for two days and finally refound today.


  1. dear marie,
    what a enchanting post.
    many secret places where they can hide...
    so wonderful garden you have. i am glad
    the lost pillow was found. she looks so cute.
    enjoy the summer and will look forward to more
    adoreble post.
    thank you marie.

    1. Coco - Thank you so much for your sweet words!


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