Sunday, August 18, 2013

farvel, jeg hedder Kurt

For rainy late summer days the Danish children's movie "Farvel, jeg hedder Kurt" ["Goodbye, my name is Kurt"], from 1972, directed by legendary Thomas Winding, is really good entertainment. I don't recall the movie from my own childhood, but I came across it by chance recently and we have been seeing it a couple of times this summer. It tells the story about little Alberte [Alberte Winding] who - after a quarrel with her parents - decides that she is no longer Alberte but Kurt and moves away from home. She organizes her new home in a boat by the lake at the end of the garden. The movie has fantastic pictures, beautiful settings and soft colours, and the story is told with Thomas Winding's wonderful, calm and tranquil voice accompanied by birdsong and the whistling of wind. Frida Viola (and myself) has been drawn into it's quiet and fairytale like atmosphere whilst the theme is disturbing enough to capture the concentration of a 4-year-old (who also dreams about moving away from home once in a while) throughout the movie. Do watch it (if you speek Danish, and even if you don't have kids!

Watch it here, or buy it in Fona.

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