Monday, August 19, 2013

in August...

... we love to eat plums, apricots, grapes & blueberries
... we love that it is still warm enough for bare suntanned legs
... we love that it is still season for salads. We have had 3191's Fresh Vegetable Slaw with Asian Dressing quite many times this summer in different variations. Today's we added whole wheat noodles for more fullness.

In August we want to go here - and I am also curious to visit either this or this place to stock up with fruits and berries for winter season.


  1. Lovely pictures :-) My daughter had that dress when she was little.. It's so cute, and she would wear it until it was almost a tiny top ;-)

    1. Sophie - the pocket dress is a favourite here! Both of my girls have it (1+4 year), and we also used the little size for Frida Viola as a top until she was nearly 3 years ;-)

  2. I'm going to try this salad!! thanks for share!

  3. Skønne, skønne billeder. KH Sophie


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