Tuesday, August 20, 2013

notes & tea

I have been stocking up with new beautiful notebooks from Cinnober. I am addicted to good old-fashioned notebooks since I haven't found the perfect digital note pad system yet. We still use Avocado (that I guess, I mentioned before...?) to share our calendars and family related lists but when it comes to organize my far too many ideas, lists and to-do's then pen & paper is the only thing that works for me.

Recently I discovered a Roman Chamomile plant in a garden we visited. I didn't know it before but it has beautiful pompom like and very aromatic flowers. I couldn't resist picking some flowers and have been drying them for tea. The tea is sweet with a hint of apple but it shouldn't infuse too long, otherwise it turns slightly bitter.


  1. didn't know about avocado, but will check it out immediately :-)

    1. Lena - vi bruger avocado rigtigt meget - til at dele kalendre, til indkøbslister, til små beskeder, til weekendens to-do lister. Det er tilpas simpelt til, at jeg gider bruge det.

    2. Vi bruger også Avocado nu & er ret glade for det.


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