Sunday, September 1, 2013


aarstiderne's harvest festival this weekend was a blast in my opinion. They do such a good job every year but this year I had the feeling that it was even better - but don't I have this feeling each year...? The weather was unpredictable with heavy rain and warming sun interchanging, and it just made the scenery look even more beautiful with a dark lead blue sky. The food was so good, the organic vegetables plenty, the kids were happy and we were all tired and filled up in the good way when we drove back to the city late in the afternoon.

This is a family tradition for us - photos from last year and the year before.


  1. Herlige billeder - jeg ville ønske vi kunne besøge stedet engang : )

    1. Sophie - jeg er sikker på, at I vil synes om stedet!


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