Saturday, October 19, 2013

almost like a vacation

Molly has been ill most of the week. I'm pretty sure it's asthma related, and it seems as if her immune system is working overtime. I would be grateful for any good advice - maybe some of you have experiences with small asthma kids to share...?

Except for that our week has been good - starting out in Sweden and later a visit from my mom, ballet in the Royal Theater and long walks in the autumn sun.

1. flowers from A
2. cinnamon buns from Meyers bageri
3. favourite body from Tricotage


  1. Fantastiske billeder! Og jeg får simpelthen akut kanelsnurre lyst, når nogen poster billeder af dem ;)
    Jeg har desværre ikke nogle gode astma råd, vil blot give et knus <3

    1. Tak Sofie :) Og kanelsnurrer kan også altid pirre min søde trang!

  2. Oh poor Molly, I hope you find some answers soon. I didn't know Tricotage, it looks lovely. There are only adult clothes on the website, do they sell kids stuff too? Have you tested the adult items? Thanks, Elizabeth x

    1. Tricotage is an absolute favourite of mine :) I have two of their dresses and a t-shirt with the samme pattern as Molly, and it's soft and comfy. I don't think they make kids stuff any longer - but try and email them to hear, they might have some items left. And I am so happy I finally found you via Instagram - it's so good to follow you and see your beautiful kids and surroundings :)


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