Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In a short time we will fly to Lisbon. We are all very excited, especially Frida Viola.
I have only spent one day in Lisbon many years ago, when I was 18 and on interrail, coming in from Barcelona and heading towards the coast. I remember the city as spellbinding and that I really wanted to stay and explore it.

I would be grateful for any good Lisbon tips?


  1. I don't have any tips but am very pleased for you! A place I'd love to visit too. Hope you have a great time with your sweet family, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth - I am sure we will have a good time!

  2. You seem to be taking the Wallpaper city guide. Just FYI, a few of its recommendations have closed. They are: restaurants Taberna dos Arcos, Zina Food & Wine, Paladar, and Yasmin.
    And based on the pages you chose to highlight from the guide, you may also be interested in the city's new shopping destination called "Embaixada" in an old palace from the 1800s: http://www.lisbonlux.com/lisbon-shops/embaixada-palacete-ribeiro-da-cunha.html
    Have a great time! Lisbon is wonderful, an unpolished gem meant to be discovered! ;-)

    1. Thank you Lisbon Lux - this is so good advice and very useful for us :) And Lisbon Lux is great inspiration - hardly can't wait to go!


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