Monday, October 28, 2013

Nordisk Brødhus // Nordic Bread House

hi there all of you! we have had such a busy week with our sweet niece visiting us from Jutland staying all week, and my mom's 60-years birthday this weekend in the northern part of Denmark. We have a 5 hours car ride to reach her place and going back and forth in two days (with a broken exhaust pipe on the car!) is not too funny with the little kids. Today we are tired.

The photos are from Nordisk Brødhus (Nordic Bread House) in Rantzausgade. I sat there an hour or so last Thursday when I was in that part of the city, writing on my speech for my mom. It's such a lovely place. Very rustic - and Nordic - and the baked goods are the best, all baked in the big wood-fired oven. They make a good coffee too, and if it wasn't so far from our neighborhood it would soon become a daily spot for me.

Plum tart from Nordisk Brødhus.

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